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2022.08.02 :

BE:FIRST メンバー発表から1周年記念 YouTube Shorts動画投稿企画 #BornToBEFIRST スタート

8/13に迎えるBE:FIRSTメンバー発表日から1周年を記念して、YouTube Shorts動画投稿キャンペーンを実施します
BE:FIRST のYouTubeに最初に公開された「Shining One -Teaser Movie-」から最新曲「Scream」までのBE:FIRST公式YouTubeにアップされている、MVやライブ映像、You’re My “BESTY” などを切り出して、あなたのお気に入りのシーンを投稿してください!


◇YouTube Shortsで、動画タイトルに以下のハッシュタグをつけて投稿してください

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Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the announcement of BE:FIRST’s members with a YouTube Shorts video submission campaign, #BornToBEFIRST.

On August 13th, to celebrate the first anniversary of the announcement of BE:FIRST members, we will be launching a YouTube Shorts Video Submission Campaign! Please capture and post your favorite scenes from music videos, live videos, You’re My “BESTY” content etc. from BE:FIRST’s official YouTube page. You can use anything from their first Youtube release, Shining One – Teaser Movie, through to their latest track, Scream.

◇ Select your favorite moments from the videos on the BE:FIRST official YouTube page.
Also, be sure to post your reasons for why you like them.
※You can insert text when editing your video.

Make sure to post your video on YouTube Shorts with the following hashtags in the video title –